Top medical billing companies in 2022? The resources and expertise of Medico Billing make a difference in your profitability by helping you to cut costs by as much as 15% while helping to drive revenue. With the services we provide our partners, we are able to free up time for your office staff and the doctor to help them focused on patient care. Working with Medico Billing enables you to exponentially reduce Account Receivables, increase patient-base, improve collections, while at the same time significantly reduce your personnel cost. We act as part of your office, working with your staff each day to insure a smooth running operation. See additional information at medical billing company in the US.

Our medical billing and coding services can help you clear the coding backlogs that have remained pending due to some issues. Clearing coding backlogs is necessary as they are extremely devastating for the financial viability and become costly. With periodic payment statement and reports, Medico Billing USA’s team keeps providers updated about the whole billing process and follow up with the insurance carriers for timely payments. These reports indicate if there are outstanding bills beyond 120 days.

What are value added services? It is an industrial term used for the non-core services provided by an organization beyond the standard ones. It adds value to your business and optimises the experience of the people who interact with you. Value added services examples include location-based services, missed call alerts, voicemail box, etc. The services can be customized based on your practice to suit your needs. Start your practice with our assistance without paying any setup charges or any cost other than our service fee. Medico Billing USA’s services are not software-dependent and we work seamlessly with all practice management tools.

Medical billing and coding services require a certain level of skill and understanding not only of the coding but the procedures as well which makes it different from billing services of other medical specialties. A comprehensive understanding of the clinical processes is required to manage Dermatology billing. Also, it also demands in-depth knowledge of the field of Dermatology, and commitment to advanced client services, elimination of the need for time-consuming data entry and providing accurate results in the shortest amount of time. See more info on

AR (Accounts Receivable) is a term refers to tracking claims, chasing revenue collection, and compiling a record of cash flow. AR is vital for health practices to follow-up the claims submitted and with the insurance companies, for revenue recovery optimization. How much should I be charged for medical billing services? The percentage that you will be charged is usually governed by the variable e.g. the types of medical procedures, the tax rate in your state, and the volume of patients. On average it’s 7.9% of the whole accumulated medical revenue. Some companies offer no setup fee but some charge from $250 to one thousand.